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Posted December 2016

Here is a challenge for my patients from a recent trip. Identify the location where this photo was taken and the individuals the "actors" are mimicking. No hints except that correct identification does not imply endorsement of the views of either of the individuals identified or of the actors for that matter. The winner will be acknowledged in a future blog.

rosenthanl photo challenge.jpg 

In addition, I am very proud to announce that I have been recently been named an Associate Editor of The American Journal of Cardiology. In that role, I will be responsible for reviewing submitted manuscripts for possible publication. The Editor is Dr. William C. Roberts who is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American College of Cardiology. He is widely acknowledged as the greatest living cardiac pathologist in the world. We are incredibly fortunate to have him as a very important part of our daily activities at Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital.