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June 2016

We took our dog Moose on a bucket list trip. We promised him a trip to the beach to swim in the ocean before he got too old to enjoy it. So we packed up the car and headed to Carmel, California. They have a famous, giant, dog-friendly beach right in town. You see it featured whenever there is a tournament on Pebble Beach.  

The 8th hole is on a cliffside next to the beach. In tournaments, some players will miss hit their shots onto the beach and have to climb down the cliff and try to hit their ball back onto the course. Seeing it first hand, that is not an easy task at all. Needless to say, our dog loved the beach and the ocean. I wish it wasn’t a 2-day drive to get there.  

Since I just wrote about walking the golf course when playing, I recommend walking the Black Mesa course north of Santa Fe if you are near there. It is not only beautiful; the added excitement comes from trying to not encounter a rattlesnake in the rough. Actually, the smartest thing to do is to sacrifice any balls you hit off the fairway to the rattlesnake gods and not tempt their fate.